Timetable for live demos

Wednesday 13th November:

09:30: Alexander Dennis full size bus: Fusion Processing

10:35: Navya

11:30: StreetDrone

12:30: Kar-Go

13:30: Alexander Dennis full size bus: Fusion Processing

14:15: Navya

15:00: StreetDrone

15:45: Kar-Go

Thursday 14 November:

09:30: Kar-Go

10:15: StreetDrone

11:00: Navya

11:45: Alexander Dennis full size bus: Fusion Processing

12:15: Kar-Go

13:00: StreetDrone

13:45: Navya

14:30: Alexander Dennis full size bus: Fusion Processing


Cubic will also be demonstrating its technology with virtual Variable Message Signs (VMSs). It will explain how this technology connects to Transport Scotland’s live Incident Management System to project virtual and real VMS information directly into the vehicle.

The key benefits of this approach are:

  • Instant dissemination of live information into vehicles; not crowd-sourced information but information direct from the authority managing the road network
  • The ability to extend the reach of the Incident Management System without the need for expensive on-street messaging infrastructure; this is of particular relevance in rural settings where the cost of such infrastructure cannot be warranted
  • The ability to help fill the capability gap between newer, natively connected vehicles and older vehicles devoid of any connected tech.

Delegates will get the opportunity to be driven in the car on a set route on the network near the exhibition centre and experience this technology at first hand.

To book a slot please visit the Cubic Marquee which will be situated in the CAV demonstration area.

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