Peter McGillion

Head of ITS Systems

Transport Scotland

Peter has 27 years’ experience working across Industry, Consultancy and the Public Sector. This includes working for British Aerospace as a Systems Engineer; a Consultant Engineer for both Carl Bro and IBI Group; and a Team Leader for NADICS Projects with Glasgow City Council. Peter has been with Transport Scotland for the last 10 years.

He has extensive experience relating to the development and deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) on the Scottish Trunk Road and Motorway network, including being involved in the original Purchaser’s Requirements for the CITRAC/FEDICS project through to the delivery of the ITS functionality for the Queensferry Crossing. This covers a broad spectrum of experience from site supervision and audits of roadside ITS installations, through to the specification for and contract management of the Traffic Scotland Systems Contract.

Throughout his time Peter has managed a large number of ITS projects, studies and reports, with the Future ITS Strategy being amongst them.

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